Her Son Died In 2013. 3 Years Later, A Little Girl Tells Her To Press & Play On A Stuffed Bear…


Is there someone important in your life more than your mom? Mothers are very special people in everyone’s life. Ask yourself this question, would you ever exist when your mom was never there? The answer is obviously no. Raising a child is actually a very challenging thing to mothers. They experience a lot of challenges like children sickness being that their immunity is still low. Therefore children need their moms to take care of them to maintain their health.

Moms can do anything it cost them for the protection of their children. They really get affected by sickness and most of all the death of their child. That’s why they always grieve and morn for a very long time after the death of their children. Some even get sickness like stroke as a result of their children’s death. But some hearts of can be reborn through other people that is saving other people’s life.

Moms therefore needs someone who can comfort them when they fill that they are sad and to help them overcome the grieving moments. That’s why I always love my mom and always be grateful to her. So you better start loving your mom right now if you don’t as you put the past away.

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