94-Year-Old Walks Into The Stage, And Then The Tune Changes. What Followed Stole My Heart!


When she first walked into the stage, Mathilda Klein looked almost feebly miserable, but no one knew they were being played by this smart 94-year-old lady who seems to have a love for dancing. The video will speak for itself!

Now, as part of the introduction, the announcer tells the audience a few nice details Mathilda, even noting that she was at her prime age of 27 during the 2nd world war. But that’s not the mood here, because this lady was about to heat things up really fast. Get set!

As she came in with Danny Maloney, her dance partner, a song was playing in the background, but things turned really hot when the tune suddenly changedand the duo started what was to be the night’s dance that stole everyone’s heart. You should see her move it around that stage. You’ll never believe this lady is actually 94. I’m impressed!

Check out the full clip and allow this cool lady to take you places with her performing prowess. You can’t skip this without SHARING with your Facebook friends!

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