Duo Performs Wonderful Routines On Stage. I Have Never Seen Such A Routine!


This performance has definitely gone viral, for it has more than 3 million views on YouTube and it is still accumulating more. You need to watch it!

Get ready for a surprise from these two wonderful acrobats, who call themselves Duo Wind. Apart from them performing a very attractive dance, it is a definitely amazing performance demonstrating the athleticism power of males and females. And by the way, this is the type of entertainment that I like watching. I really wonder of this our human bodies, and what they are able to do!

With “Just A Phase,” a song by a rock band known as Incubus, set as a background, the duo does the unbelievable. Their style if full of flips, lifts, leaps and twirls, which made me sleepy as I watched them. I really can’t figure out the amount of time spent for practicing this routine. Most of the watchers left comments which showed how surprised they were with their routines, of which I totally agree. What made me stunned is the ability to make it look so easy even when they get a little lost. You need to watch the 4:31 mark, when they do that perfect lift!

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