Elvis Presley And Martina McBride Sing “Blue Christmas”, What A Lovely Performance!


We are approaching the famous month of vacations, which is December. It’s a month that we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Many songs have been written and sang in very many versions about the Christmas holidays which never stop to amaze us, but the following version of Blue Christmas will surely make your day.

As I was searching for the best Christmas songs and videos so that I can put them stand by for the big day, I came across this interesting video that I thought of sharing with you. The clip features Elvis and Martina McBride singing together on stage in a live performance. The song that this duet did was “Blue Christmas.”

The video starts when Elvis Presley who is onstage starts to sing the song. The present crowd starts to cheer and scream. Coming to the chorus, Martina McBride, appears from behind the stage holding the microphone and the performance gets so exciting. You can just note that they are really talented singers for they manage to unify their voices and the end result is nothing but a pure and elegant performance.

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