It’s Not Late To Follow Your Dreams, This Single Mom Of 5 Leads The Way. WOW!


Becky is a single mom of 5 lovely kids and a teacher by profession. Not long ago, she was in an abusive marriage, but she luckily managed to escape from it. She believes that the right time has come for her to show the whole world how talented she is. She was inspired to do so by her son who always told her she was talented in singing.

In the video below, she is singing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ and she does incredibly well. When you listen to her sing, you will hardly agree that it is the first time she has taken the stage to perform in front of a big crowd. She was not only able to move the crowd, but also the judges gave her a standing ovation when she was through with the performance.

We wish her the best and may her family be blessed in every way. Please SHARE the clip if you think she has what it takes to be a superstar!

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