They Set The Stage For A Bullying Experiment, And What Happens Next Has Everyone’s Heart Beating Faster!


Bullying happens in schools and many other institutions. In fact, it even happens in churches. Saying bullying happens is actually an understatement, considering that a bully cares not whether the victim is getting hurt by their actions or not. A bully will try to hit hard against the victim, and sometimes it happens even before the public eye.

So, what if someone was being bullied before your very own eyes in public?What would you do? The situation is aggravated even more when the victim is a young girl. It gets you really thinking.

That’s what was in the minds of the guys in this cool video. They decided to conduct a social experiment to see how people would respond to a bullying incident in public, so they staged a controlled scene where a young girl and a bully made an act. As you would expect from the many people passing by, it doesn’t take long for someone to step in to help the lady, but it’s just who this special someone is that’ll really get you. It’s incredible!

You’ve to watch this to believe it. Please SHARE with your friendson Facebook. It makes me feel really good. Wow!

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