I Was Told This Wasn’t Possible, So I Filmed THIS To Prove Them Wrong.


One of the most difficult things about being a new parent is to Make baby sleep. Often, babies end up fighting sleep and causing their parents to become exhausted. This new father has it all figured out and has developed a unique technique that puts his little one to sleep in a matter of seconds. Using this technique, many exhausted parents can find relief from the chore of helping their little one drift off to dreamland.

This sweet video shows a baby boy laying in his crib as his Daddy works to Make baby sleep. With just a few simple words and motions, the baby’s eyes begin to quickly close and he is soon fast asleep. This is a video every new parent needs to see. With this easy technique,bedtime and naptime will now be a joy instead of a dreaded chore. Check out this sweet video and then make sure you share it with all parents you know.

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